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About Scott Causey M.M.P.- H.H.P.

His practice is based on the belief that his customers' needs are of the utmost importance. He is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of his business is from repeat customers and referrals. He is a licensed Medical Massage Practitioner, certified in Structural Integration, Neuromuscular therapy, a Reiki Master and a board certified Holistic Health care Practitioner. Former  U.S. Navy corpsman and combat medic and later a ParaMedic with a fire department. He has lived and trained in Thailand and Japan and is eager to share their secrets of holistic health and wellness.

" I look for the opportunity to earn your trust and strive to provide the best medical care possible"

MIGRAINE RELIEF : Migraine headaches can be painful and debilitating enough to bring normal life to a screeching halt.
I use a proprietary treatment that combines the synergy of cold stones , aromatherapy and pressure point therapy to promote well-being, balance and harmony within the body. 
Relief can often come within minutes.

                                                                                                                                          SWEDISH MASSAGE: The basic relaxation massage.


DEEP TISSUE: Where pressure is applied to an area and maintained to cause the muscles/fascia to relax. This is a little more aggressive style of therapy.

REIKI. Created in Japan. It uses Universal Energy to heal and relax. The therapist uses their hands to direct the energy flow to the body where it is needed most.

HOT STONE: Relax as the centuries old technique of heated stones ease the aches and pains from your body as they are used to massage the muscles and joints.

AROMATHERAPY: The art of combining aromatic essential oils to the massage. The oils both affect the body internally as they enter the blood stream, as well as the aroma relaxes your spirits.

AQUA DETOX: Sit comfortably as your feet soak in a warm bath while neg. ions sweep through your body collecting heavy metals and toxins. Half way through the session, the ions are drawn out of your body into the water leaving you cleaner internally and feeling refreshed with more energy.

COLLAGEN MASQUES: Lay back and relax as a sheet of collagen is placed over your face. Feel the cooling effect as the formula soaks into your skin replenishing the nutrients that time has taken away. Your skin will feel smoother and tighter afterwards.

Sea Weed Facial. For centuries, sea weed has been an important part of the Asian diet. This will replace many nutrients and minerals your skin needs. Now try natures oldest plant on your skin and be amazed how much softer your skin feels in only 30 minuets.
HERBAL BODY MASQUE: Enjoy the sensation as the all -natural formula of Guarana, Tamanu oil, and Rosemary leaf oil (an antioxidant) begins to tighten and detox the skin. The formula rubberizes within minutes thus eliminating the need to shower at the end of the treatment.

Body Scrubs. I have a wide range of herbal body scrubs available. This will remove dead skin cells which will allow new cells to form giving you younger and smoother skin.

Try one of the many Organic Fruit scrubs. This is a wonderful way to have the healthy properties of fresh fruit added to your skin so that you get the benefits of the vitamins immediately.

Admit it. There is something about indulging in a pure chocolate wrap. Yes, the benefits of the antioxidants is wonderful, but more importantly, IT'S CHOCOLATE! Of course this is a  perfect gift for  Valentines Day.

Thai Herbal massage. From the Northern mountain regions of ancient Thailand comes an amazing herbal technique. Soft cloth "balls" are filled with various herbs (depending on your need) then they are steamed to release the essential oils. These warm oils are then massaged into your skin for their therapeutic healing powers.                                                                              
  THALASSOTHERAPY. Ancient Romans swore by this treatment. Thalasso means "from the sea" This Seaweed Body Contouring mask is made from various sea plants (algea, seaweed ect) that encourages slimming, skin firming, reduction of cellulite and elimination of toxins.                                                                          
 Dead Sea Mud wraps. The mud from the Dead Sea of Israel has a high concentration of ancient microscopic marine life deposited over centuries. Today they provide the perfect exfoliant to help remove dead skin from your body, allowing new softer skin to be produced. Combined with various algaes 
                                           from the sea which help detox the skin and add nutrients, you 
                                           have an amazing ancient treatment at your comand. 

 * Introducing PARAFANGO paraffin and sea mud skin                                                                                                                                    tightening body wraps. A quick and relaxing way to lose inches from your body. Lay back as the paraffin is applied, then be wrapped in a warm blanket and drift off  while the formula does its magic.                                 

* Another way to lose inches fast is the BodySculpt herbal gel. No need to be wrapped like a mummy, just lay back on the table and relax. The gel is applied as if you are getting a massage. After 45 minutes, you will see great results. Safe and effective. The formula stays in your body for the next 72 hrs. continuing to work. Treat your whole body or target those pesky areas.
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